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Technical requirements for articles

1. article should be the direction of the institution in which it is made, with the visa scientific leader, signed by the head of the institution, stamped. At the end of the work should contain surname, name of the author completely, position, place of work, business address with postal code, telephone number, e-mail in Russian and English languages.
UDC: 616.28-072: 616.283.1-089.843
The perception of frequency stimuli in testing candidates for cochlear implantation
S. Petrov
State Organization «Saint-Petersburg Institute of Ear Throat Nose and Speech" Russian Ministry of Health
(Director - Hon. Doctor of Russia, Corresponding Member. RAMS, Prof. JK Janow)
Perception frequency stimulus by test candidates of cochlear implants
S. M. Petrov
Saint Petersburg ENT and Speech Research Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
2. Title of the article, the names of the author (s) and the name of the institution should be given in Russian and English languages. Each article should have a annotation (summary) (10-12 lines), keywords (should not repeat the title of the article) and specify the number of literary sources in Russian and English languages. The article should be submitted in electronic form, or sent by internet (e-mail, ftp: //).
3. Each article should be presented in as one file (Microsoft Word).
4. The article should be typed one and a half interval, font 12, Times volume of 6-10 pages (including tables, pictures  and references).
5. The article should be carefully edited (both scientific and stylistically) scientific leader and author. It is suitable to formulate the goal and tasks of work, and in the end put the main conclusions.
6. Do not use the reduction in the title. The text should use standard terms and acronyms (abbreviations). Full termin whose place introduces a reduction, must be preceded by the first application of this reduction in the text (unless it is a standard unit of measurement).
7. The illustrations used in a text document, must be attached to an article in as files of the original format (* .TIF, * .EPS, * .PSD, * .BMP, * .PCX) of at least 300 dpi.
8. Each table should have the exact short title; Each graph should be brief titled, reduction of words not allowed. Tables should be typed in Microsoft Word, scanned tables will not be accepted.
9. In the list of literature sources listed in alphabetical order, with the first listed Russian, and then foreign authors. It is necessary to introduce a second version of the list of literature, in which Russian sources are indicated in transliterated form. The author can specify no more than three of his previous works. References to the manuscript (thesis) is not allowed (only abstracts). For a review not more than 50 sources.
10. For periodicals and publications must specify the author, title, full name of the source, year, volume (if applicable), number (issue), pages from and to; for monographs, methodical recommendations - indicate the total number of pages.
11. In the text of article should be given the serial number of the bibliography in [brackets]. The literature in the text and the list must match.
12. The publication of the article, with the advertising character, decided after consultation with the respective companies.
13. In one issue of the journal may be published no more than two works of one author (s).
14. An article made only after signing a license agreement between the editors and the author (s) of the article.
Samples of bibliographic writing literature (GOST R 7.0.5-2008. Bibliography link. General requirements and rules. - M .: Standartinform. - 2008. - 19 p.)

From the same author
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With three authors
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The authors of more than three
4. Basics of audiology and hearing aid / VG Bazarov [et al.]. - M .: Medicine, 1984. - 252 p.
Articles of magazines:

From the same author
5. Borzov, EV role of perinatal factors in the formation of the pharyngeal tonsil pathology // News otorinolar. and logopatol. - 2002. - № 2. - S. 7-10.
With two authors
6. Kovaleva LM Mefedovskaya EK Etiology and pathogenesis sfenoiditov children // News otorinolar. and logopatol. - 2002. - № 2. - S. 20-24.
The authors of more than three
7. Vocal cord injection with autogenous fat: A long-term magnetic resona. nee imaging evaluation / JH Brandenburg [et al.] // Laryngoscope. - 1996. - Vol. 106, N 2, pt. 1. - P. 174-180.
On the same principle cited articles and abstracts of the proceedings.
8. Korobkov GA speech rate. Current problems of physiology and pathology of speech: Sat. tr. Mosk. SRI ear. nose and throat; Leningrad. Institute of Ear, nose and throat and speech. - M., 1989. - T. 23. - P. 107-111.

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10. Petrov S. M. Vremja reakcii i sluhovaja adaptacija v norme i pri perifericheskih porazhenijah sluha: avtoref. dis. ... kand. med. nauk. – SPb., 1993. – 24 s.

methodical recommendations:
11. Кузьмин Ю. И., Коробков Г. А. Оценка тяжести речевых нарушений при заикании: метод. рекомендации. – Л., 1991. – 14 с.
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Patent Documents:
12. Пат. 2187888 Российская Федерация, МПК7 Н 04 В 1/38, Н 04 J 13/00. Приемопередающее устройство / 
В. И. Чугаева; заявитель и патентообладатель Воронеж. науч.-исслед. ин-т связи. – № 2000131736/09; заявл. 18.12.00; опубл. 20.08.02. Бюл. № 23 (Пч.). – 3 с.
12. Pat. 2187888 Rossijskaja Federacija, MPK7 N 04 V 1/38, N 04 J 13/00. Priemoperedajushhee ustrojstvo / V. I. Chugaeva; zajavitel’ i patentoobladatel’ Voronezh. nauch.-issled. in-t svjazi. – N 2000131736/09; zajavl. 18.12.00; opubl. 20.08.02. Bjul. № 23 (Pch.). – 3 s.
13. Application 1095735 Russian Federation MPK7 in 64 G 1/00. Disposable rocket / EV ternet (USA); the applicant Space Systems / Loral, Inc. .; US Pat. Attorney Yegorova GB - № 2000108705/28; appl. 07.04.00; publ. 10.03.01, Bul. Number 7 (1 hr.); priority 09.04.99, № 09/289, 037 (US). - 5.
14. A. a. 1007970 USSR MPKZ In 25 J 15/00. A device for gripping non-oriented shaft-type parts /
VS Vaulin, VG Kemaykin (USSR). - № 3360585 / 25-08; appl. 11/23/81; publ. 03.30.83. Bull. № 12. - 2.
Dear colleagues! The editors have the right to reduce the articles.
The right of final decision of rejection, processing or acceptance of the manuscript remains of the editorial board.
In case of violation of these rules will not accept editorial article for consideration.
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