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Placement  arrangement of the materials in a scientific  articles in journal
"Russian otorhinolaryngology"
  • Title of work and names of authors in Russian
  • From where the work - full name of the institution - in Russian
  • Specify the head of the institution or the the head of the department.
  • Title of work and names of authors in the English language
  • The name of the institution in English.
  • Resume (10-12 lines) and key words in Russian. Keywords should not repeat the title of the work.
  • Resumes and key words in English.
  • Topics of issue, conclusions.
  • List of literature on Russian and English languages (Russian part of the list additionally written in the Roman alphabet). The list of literature - pay attention how  written the source with 1, 2, 3 and more than 3 authors. (GOST R 7.0.5-2008. Bibliography link. General requirements and rules. - M .: Standartinform. - 2008. - 19 p.). Review articles list of literature should not contain more than 50 sources.

The chief editor of the magazine "Russian otorhinolaryngology"
Professor Y.K. Yanov
"02" November 2009
Regulation on reviewing scientific articles received
for publication in the journal "Russian otorhinolaryngology"
1. All articles destined for publication in the journal "Russian otorhinolaryngology" should have the direction-note of printing establishments, whence comes the publication (of the department of the university, research institutes, hospitals). This assumes an initial familiarity of these institutions with sent scientific materials.
2. The publication must contain all the details for feedback to the author of the publication (address, telephone, e-mail).
3. Executive secretary of the editorial board in consultation with the chief editor, his deputies and members of the editorial board sends incoming articles for peer review.
Review articles carried out mainly by members of the editorial board and the members of the Editorial Board. This takes account of the direction-note of scientific research reviewer.
The reviewer must have scientific publications in major journals that match the theme of the article under review.
4. In case of scientific publications on related disciplines article may be directed to additional review on the given discipline (microbiology, biochemistry, histology, pathological anatomy, the organization of health care, and so on. D.). In this case attracted reviewer of adjacent specialties may not be be a member of the Editorial Board.
5. Peer review of publications should be in a period not exceeding one month from the date of registration articles by the executive secretary of editorial board.
6. In case of positive reviews, which does not contain remarks, the text of reviews whouln’t be notified to the author and the article is sent for publication without changes.
7. In case of remarks, Editorial Board sent to the author a copy of the review (without giving names and positions of the reviewer). Within one month the author shall send modified In accordance with the wishes of the reviewer work or arguments to refute the comments from reviewer to the editorial office.
·         publication in magazine
·         re-review from another reviewer
·         deviation of the publication with message to the author argumentative rejection
In exceptional cases, controversial article may be published in the "Discussion Papers" with following discussion by the readership.
8. In case of negative review article returned to the author with a copy of the review (without giving names and positions of the reviewer). And the author has a right appeal the decision of the reviewer's arguments. If editorial board deems it valid arguments, the article is sent for re-review to another reviewer. Decision on publishing the article after re-review accepted by the editorial board.
9. At least once in a year at the joint meeting of expanded editorial board and editorial council, The Chief editor of the magazine reports about reviewed work of the incoming publications.
Publication of the article is carried out only after signing the license agreement between editorship and the author (s) of the article.

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