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The editorial office of the Russian Otorhinolaryngology journal follows the international ethics standards for scientific publications approved by the scientific society under the Section VII “Exclusive rights to the results of the intellectual activity and means of individualization” of the Russian Civil Code and the journal Charter.
Main rules and regulations of relationships between editors, authors and reviewers are based on recommendations developed by the non-profit partnership “Committee on Publication Ethics” (, following the publication ethics standards required by SCOPUS and Web of Science (Committee of Publication Ethics, COPE).
Professional Ethics Principles of the Editorial Office
(editorial board and editorial committee)
When taking the decision to publish an article, the editorial office is guided by the accuracy of the information provided, as well as the scientific value of the work under consideration.
The editorial office undertakes to evaluate articles ready for publication based on the principle of the unbiased approach to race, gender, ethnic origin, citizenship and political opinion of the author.
Unpublished information received from the articles provided for consideration shall not be used for personal gain or transferred to the third parties without the author’s written approval.
The editorial office undertakes to take measures when receiving reasonable ethics claims in respect of the materials that were submitted or published earlier, as follows: consideration, discussion of claims with the journal management, publication of corrections, refutations or respective announcements.
The editorial office actively investigates and adopts positive experience of other journals and publishing offices and is looking forward to cooperate with them. We will keep an eye on development of the publication practice of academy editions and review our current rules in order to comply with the leading worldwide scientific standards.
Professional Ethics Principles of the Author (Authors)
The author (authors) is personally responsible for the novelty and accuracy of the results of the scientific research.
The content of the article shall guarantee that the results of the research are completely original. Borrowed parts or arguments shall mandatory include the name of the author and the original source reference. Plagiarism in any forms, including unexecuted quotes, rephrasing or assuming of rights for the results of the research conducted by others, is unacceptable.
Contribution of all persons that have made an impact on the results of work in one way or another, shall be accepted.
Articles that have been sent to other journals, as well as materials that have been published in other journals earlier, shall not be submitted to the editorial office.
Persons who have made a significant contribution into the investigation process and analysis of the obtained materials shall become co-authors of the article. Persons who have not made a personal creative contribution into elaboration of the result of the intellectual activity, including those who have just provided technical, consulting, organizational or financial assistance to the author or those who have just assisted in obtaining the rights for such result and its use, as well as persons monitoring the respective works shall not be accepted as the authors of the intellectual activity result (article 1228 of the Russian Civil Code).
If any significant mistakes or inaccuracies are identified in the article in the course of its consideration or after its publication, the author shall notify the journal editorial office about that as soon as possible. 
Professional Ethics Principles of the Reviewer
All works received by the editorial office of the Russian Otorhinolaryngology journal are subject to the “double blind” review (the reviewer does not know who the author is, and the author does not know who the reviewer is).
In accordance with the editorial office’s rules, the time period for preparation of the review shall not exceed one month.
The manuscript received for review shall be considered as a confidential document and shall not be transferred for information or discussion to the third parties without prior approval of the editorial office.
When writing the review, the reviewer shall be guided by the scientific objectivity principles.
The reviewer does not have the right to use the unpublished data received from the manuscripts provided for review, for his or her personal purposes.
The reviewers of the Russian Otorhinolaryngology journal undertake to provide reasonable critical comments and refer to the following objective scientific assessment criteria of the articles: compliance with the journal profile, scientific novelty, completeness and accuracy of the research results, relevancy, importance, correct and accurate definitions and statements, style, conclusions, practical importance of the results.
If the reviewer believes that he or she does not have enough qualification to assess the manuscript or cannot be objective due to any other reasons, he or she shall request the editorial office of the journal to retract the article provided for review.
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